“Hell is Not Eternal – Unless We Want It to Be” – Rev. Hugh Odhner


In this Sermon, delivered at the Philadelphia Society of the Lord’s New Church, Rev. Hugh Odhner engages a theme that has occupied Swedenborgian theologians throughout the centuries: The question of the “Eternity of the Hells”. In Swedenborg’s cosmology, are hellish states static and eternal, or does the process of regeneration continue to draw us towards divine love and wisdom?


Click below for a printable PDF version of Rev. Odhner’s sermon:

Hell is Not Eternal – Rev. Hugh Odhner


The Rev. Hugh Odhner is minister at the Lord’s New Church Philadelphia Society. A bridge-builder between the different Swedenborgian branches, he has preached at several Convention ministries, including the Church of the Holy City in Washington, D.C., and has been a regular attendee and lecturer at Fryeburg New Church Assembly for many years. He lives with his wife Denise in Bryn Athyn, PA.


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“Where is the Peace of God in a Violent World?” -Rev. Wilma Wake


“Where is the Peace of God in a Violent World?” – This question may arise in many of us as we process the prevalence of suffering, violence, tragedy, and cruelty that exists on the planet. Rev. Wilma Wake of the Swedenborgian Community Online at http://swedenborgiancommunity.org, engages this question from a Swedenborgian perspective.

Click below for a PDF version of Rev. Wake’s sermon:

The Peace of God in a Violent World – Rev. Wilma Wake




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