“Upside Down, Feet Up, and Head Down” -Rev. Sage Cole


In this sermon, delivered at the Swedenborg Chapel in Cambridge, MA, Rev. Sage Cole addresses the need to be spiritually realistic and content with our imperfections.


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Upside Down, Feet Up, and Head Down 


Rev. Sage Cole is the current pastor at he historic Swedenborg Chapel in Cambridge, MA. Trained as a Spiritual Director, Sage feels called to the work of helping individuals and groups discern the movement of the Spirit in their lives and communities.

In addition to her pastorate, Sage is also raising her two small sons Theo and Zachary with her husband Ted.



Audio Sermon: “Why David” -by Rev Junchol Lee

In this sermon, delivered at the San Francisco Swedenborgian Church, Rev. Junchol Lee discusses the inner meaning of some common biblical narratives around the character of David, and how leardership dynamics pan out in our own inner lives.


1 Samuel 16 1-30

Matthew 18 1-5

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Rev, Junchol Lee is pastor at the historic San Francisco Swedenborgian Church in San Francisco, CA. He enjoys integrating Eastern and Westerm philosophy and spirituality, eriching his community with deep insight into the teachings of Daoism and Buddhism. He lives with his family in San Francisco.


“Foundational Teachings in Paul’s Letters” – WEEK III


Although one can find disparaging passages in Swedenborg’s writings about Paul, we need not assume prejudice against him ourselves. We will attempt to be a fair reader of both Paul and  Swedenborg. When we find doctrinal opposition, we will lay out both sides of the argument. In this way, one will be able to see how and where Swedenborg’s theology differs from Paul’s, and where the two are in accord.

In this 10-week course, we will encounter Paul as we find him in his letters, and also as the history of Christianity has interpreted him. It will interest those who have a background in Paul, and also those who have never read Paul and had little exposure to Christianity.

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WEEK III: Intersession, Justification and Predestination


Rev. David Fekete is senior editor of “Our Daily Bread”, as well as pastor at the Church of the Holy City, a Swedenborgian community in Edmonton, Alberta.

His particular interests and areas of passion include comparative religion, literature, the arts, as well as interfaith work and ecumenism.