“How to Maintain your Chillness” -Rev. Junchol Lee


Scripture Readings:  1 Samuel 28:3-25, Leviticus 19:31

At desperate times, we sometimes go to extreme lengths to avoid unwanted realities. Often, this tendency of seeking an escape can lead us even further away from gaining the comfort and hope that we truly need. Hear the Rev. Junchol Lee reflect upon biblical advice about how to process desperate times along with the last chapter of King Saul’s story.

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Rev, Junchol Lee is pastor at the historic San Francisco Swedenborgian Church in San Francisco, CA. He enjoys integrating Eastern and Westerm philosophy and spirituality, eriching his community with deep insight into the teachings of Daoism and Buddhism. He lives with his family in San Francisco.


“E Pluribus Unum: Pluralism, not Sameness” -Rev. David Fekete

In this talk, delivered at the 2017 Convention of the National American Interfaith Network in San Diego, California, Rev. David Fekete addresses the issue of Ecumenism, Pluralism, and a Swedenborgian view of growth through diversity in an inter-religious context.

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E Pluribus Unum – Rev. David Fekete


Rev. David Fekete, PhD, is pastor at the Church of the Holy City (Swedenborgian) in Edmonton, Alberta, and senior editor of “Our Daily Bread” at spiritualquesters.org. His passions include literature, ecumenism, music and the arts, as well as interfaith dialogue.