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You can access the book in its 2010 “New Century Edition”, translated by Rev. George Dole, including free electronic versions at https://swedenborg.com/product/divine-love-wisdom-nce


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“Thoughts in my Garden” – Rev. Jane Siebert



In this sermon, delivered at the New Jerusalem Church in Bath, Maine, Rev. Jane Siebert reflects on a little known treasure of Swedenborgian literature: “Thoughts in my Garden” by Mary G. Ware, first published in 1863, which is a profound reflection on the correspondences of nature.


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“Thoughts in my Garden” – Rev. Jane Siebert



Rev. Jane Siebert is the current president of the Swedenborgian Church of North America.

She lives in Pretty Prairie, Kansas, and enjoys the opportunities to visit Swedenborgian churches scattered around the United States and and Canada.