“Your Angel Allies” -Rev. Kit Billings


In this sermon, Rev. Kit Billings discusses the essential Swedenborgian concept of angelic beings, and how they form an integral part of spiritual reality, which effects us deeply in our own inner (and outer) journeys.


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“Your Angel Allies” – Rev. Kit Billings



Rev. Kit Billings, his wife Penny, and their daughter Julia moved to LaPorte, Indiana in 2012, where he is Pastor of the LaPorte New Church, a historic Swedenborgian sacred space.

Kit enjoys ministering with people of all ages, and supporting others in their journey of growth with the Lord.

“The Raven and the Dove” -Rev. Junchol Lee


In this sermon, delivered and recorded at the San Francisco Swedenborgian Church on January 5, 2020, Rev. Junchol Lee explores the depth of symbolism in biblical and mythological narratives from a Swedenborgian angle.



Rev Junchol Lee – “The Raven and the Dove” (Jan 5, 2020):



Rev, Junchol Lee is pastor at the historic San Francisco Swedenborgian Church in San Francisco, CA. He enjoys integrating Eastern and Westerm philosophy and spirituality, eriching his community with deep insight into the teachings of Daoism and Buddhism. He lives with his family in San Francisco.