ODB Artist Portrait: The Music of Ken Turley

In this interview with ODB’s Rev. Thom Muller, Rev. Ken Turley shares about his artistic journey as a musician, what has moved him spirituallly and musically, and some recent projects he’s been working on.

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Rev. Ken Turley, now retired after 30 years as parish minister and serving as president of Convention, and his wife Laurie, live in Bridgton, ME. While she continues her career as a public school music teacher, Ken devotes his time to composing music, producing music videos, gardening and keeping house. Performing and rehearsing have ground to a halt with the isolation required by the virus, but the  more solitary aspects of his life continue unabated. 

“Racism and Leadership” -Rev. Christopher A. Barber

In this reflection, Rev. Christopher A. Barber, Swedenborgian minister and teacher at the Academy of the New Church in Bryn Athyn, PA, explores the current socio-political issues surrounding systemic racism in the United States from a New Church perspective.

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The Rev. Christopher A. Barber teaches Religion in the Academy of the New Church Secondary Schools. He writes on matters of church doctrine, history, and life, and loves to help students grasp biblical and theological concepts in the light of a New Church worldview. He lives in Huntingdon Valley with his wife, Annika (Fitzpatrick), and their son.
Contact: www.ChrisBarber.info     

Why Jesus Could Have Been… -Rev. Ken Turley

There are three good reasons that Jesus could have been black:

-He called everyone “bother” and “sister”

-He liked gospel and sang after dinner

-He couldn’t get a fair trial

Three equally good arguments that Jesus was Jewish:

-He went into his Father’s business

-He lived at home until he was 33

-He was sure his Mother was a virgin and she was sure he was

Three equally good reasons Jesus could have been Italian:

-He talked with his hands

-He had wine with every meal

-He used olive oil

Three equally good reasons Jesus could have been from SoCal:

-Really? The hair and beard??? Dude.

-He wore sandals or went barefoot

-He started a new religion

Three equally good reasons that Jesus could have been Irish:

-He never got married

-He was always telling stories

-He loved green pastures

Most compelling reasons that Jesus could have been a woman:

-He fed a crowd at a moments notice with barely nothing

-He kept trying to get a message across to a bunch of men who just
didn’t get it

-Even dead, He had to get up because there was more work to do