Rev. David Fekete: Intro to the Swedenborgian Way of Life, Week 3

Rev. David Fekete: An Introduction to the Swedenborgian Way of Life

Week III – Heaven and Hell



Rev. David Fekete reflects on Swedenborg’s concept of Heaven and Hell, and how it contrasts with traditional notions of the afterlife.

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Week III: Heaven and Hell

2 thoughts on “Rev. David Fekete: Intro to the Swedenborgian Way of Life, Week 3”

  1. I’m just breaking in to an examination of the Swedenborgian approach to sprituality, & I must admit, with ‘Heaven & Hell” as my first reading, I am blown away at the brilliance of these writings & commentary. My only puzzlement is that of carnal love –

    Carnal love, though, is loving what is good and honest and fair not for their own sakes
    but for our own sake, because we can use them to gain prestige, position, and profit. In
    this case we are not focusing on the Lord and our neighbor within what is good and
    honest and fair but on ourselves and the world, and we enjoy deceit. When the motive is
    deceit, then whatever is good and honest and fair is actually evil and dishonest and unfair.
    This is what we love within [the outward appearance].” (Heaven and Hell n. 481)

    My commentary is….why can’t carnal love be a good thing under the correct circumstances. We are spiritual beings within animal bodies, and when our spiritual discipline and experiences with spiritual goodness develops an ability to make carnal urges subservient to our spiritual nature, we indeed are on the right path of keeping God in our lives as our major focus. But carnal love when shared in true love with another, is indeed a good & beautiful thing 🙂 John Harshfield, Lapeer, Michigan, USA

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