2017 FNCA Lectures


Fryeburg New Church Assembly is a retreat center of the Swedenborgian Church of North America in Fryeburg, Maine. Every year, Swedenborgians from around the country, and all branches of the movement, gather for two weeks of lectures, activities, spiritual practice and contemplation in this scenic New England setting.

If you are interested in attending next year’s assembly, please visit http://fryeburg.org


Below are video recordings of this year’s FNCA lectures:


The Divine Human and the Problem of Duality -Rev. Andy Stinson


“A Bird’s Life: The Fifth Day of Creation”

Devin Zuber, this year’s Everett K. Bray visiting lecturer from the Graduate Theological Union and Center for Swedenborgian Studies in Berkeley, CA, discusses the work of Sarah Orne Jewett, George Inness, and the art of Swedenborgian) ornithological conservation.


“Soul-Body Interaction” (Part 1) -Rev. Gard Perry

“Soul-Body Interaction” (Part 2) -Rev. Gard Perry


“Fantasy and Reality” -Rev. George McCurdy


“Sacred Geology: Stones and Gems” -Rev. Alison Lane-Olsen


“How Angels Interact” -Rev. Susannah Currie


“Spirit and Soma – The Correspondence of Sexuality, Spirituality and the Body” 

-Colin Amato


“Two Kingdoms and Three Heavens” -Rev. George McCurdy


“Noah’s Ark – The Emergence of Conscience” -Rev. Sage Currie


“Mothers and Sons in the Book of Genesis” -Rev. Sage Currie

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