Below are several resources for education on Swedenborgian subjects, including links, databases, and courses:

Center for Swedenborgian Studies at the Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley, CA:

Swedenborg’s works online, in Latin and English; searchable:

Swedenborg Library, Bryn Athyn, PA:

Swedenborg Library

Reading Courses by Rev. David Fekete, PhD:

Intro to Swedenborgianism – Full Course

Paul Course – Complete

The Gospel of John has been called the most mystical and esoteric of the books of the New Testament. This series of information and reflections, Rev. David Fekete explores the Gospel of John from the perspective of a seeker, contrasting how different traditions, including Swedenborgianism, have engaged the text.

Click below for a full printable PDF edition of “The Story of Jesus According to John – A Seeker’s Companion”:

The Story of Jesus According to John


New Lesson: “The Sayings of Jesus” -Rev. Dr. David Fekete

  In this course, Rev. Dr. David Fekete, co-editor of Our Daily Bread, engages famous sayings of Christ from the Gospels through a Swedenborgian lens. INTRODUCTION When one reflects on a course about the sayings of Jesus, two Gospels are best: Matthew or Luke.  Those two Gospels have the most sayings of Jesus, and they … Continue reading New Lesson: “The Sayings of Jesus” -Rev. Dr. David Fekete

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